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The story  behind the Reprise Bucket Hats

More than just a product, buying a Reprise bucket hat is engaging with the association. Each hat is unique and is handmade in our Parisian atelier. 



The sewers

Reprise gives the inhabitants of the Antony refugee centre the opportunity to use their sewing skills. Diversity in experiences and backgrounds enriches the workshop and the products that are made. 

On the left you can see two of our sewers: Safi and Jamshid. 


The atelier

More than a space to work, the workshop is a place to meet and exchange with one another. An opportunity to exchange between the refugees and volunteers. 



Our materials

One of the pillars of Reprise is sustainability. All the materials we use are donated through a variety of sources. We use old clothes, upholstery, old stocks, or vintage materials. All done within a "zero waste" approach to minimize the impact we have on the environment. 


Take care of the bucket hat

Made with care, we want our hats to have the longest life possible.


Washing instructions:

  • You can wash the hat either by hand or in the washing machine on a gentle program with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees (this does not apply to the hats made from (imitation) leather).

  • Hats cannot be put in the dryer and prefer to air dry.

  • Hats can be ironed at a moderate temperature (this does not apply to the hats made from (imitation) leather).  

Doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us for information. We are more than happy to help you!

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